Welcome to the Faye Mayo Ceramics Store.This is a new departure with currently only one type of vessel available.  Come back soon as the store will be expanded!

(Payments are received through PayPal – all major credit cards can be used without having to register an account.)

Small hand-made “Pinch Pots” £7.00

Approximately 60mm in diameter, these small “pinch pots” are made from fine porcelain. Porcelain is a material that has been used for over 3600 years to make the most beautiful artifacts   It is the finest of clay that, when fired, has a light, translucent quality.

Faye individually and freely shapes each vessel by hand in her studio to create their distinctive “open flower” form.

The porcelain dries over a period of days and then is placed into the kiln to be fired for the first time to approximately 1000 degrees centigrade.  All of the electricity to fire the kilns is offset by solar generated power. The vessel emerges from the kiln a light grey – almost white colour with a slightly porous texture ready now to receive the glazes.

Faye glazes each vessel using formulae that she has developed in her studio. When applied, these glazes are muted greys and browns. Finally, she adds beads of glass into the base of each vessel.

The piece is then re-fired, this time to a massive 1280 degrees centigrade.  This firing takes four days as the kiln slowly reaches temperature and then cools.  Inside of the kiln, as the piece glows vividly red-hot, the glass is melting and the glazes transform to their striking hues.  Colours blend into each other and the beautiful fluid effects form.

As the glass cools at a fractionally different speed to the fine porcelain, textured patterns often appear in the base of the vessel.

Finally, once the vessel has cooled sufficiently, it is taken out of the kiln and the piece is complete!

No two pinch pots are ever alike.  Despite their fragile appearance, these small sculptural pieces are extremely durable due to the extreme processes they have passed through while being hand made.

Now for the first time, these are available online.  Payment is possible by all major credit cards and through PayPal. Your vessel will be chosen, carefully packed and then posted by first class mail to your address.

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